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Thank you to Kak Ida for helping me throughout the process of hiring our new FDW. Our current maid was also from SMR and she had been with us for 17 years. We hope the current FDW will stay throughout her contract - Rosmawati M Yusof
She (Ida) is very efficient and friendly - Muhd Syahiid
Excellent service by Kak Ida. We have been using SMR service for so many years now and will continue to do so. - Kasminah Iyeit
Process was smooth from the first helper to the second. Kak Ida always been very helpful throughout the whole process. - Siti Nur Rukaiyah
She (Ida) was good with explanation about the employment issue. Her knowledge was good as well. - Nurulhudah Ali


SMR has never failed us. This is our 3rd helper and all our transactions with SMR was a smooth ones. - Mastura Jaafar
Very humble, very friendly, smiling face, very hard working (excellent) - Fauziah Mahat
I've beena customer since 2016. Alhamdulillah it has always been a pleasant experience. Kak Ida, in particular is very helpful in detail in her explanation. - Nurdiana Hanim Abdul Rahman
All explanation are clear. - Md Aidil
Satisfied with the service full update given when needed. - Fauziah Hamzah
Informative. Good follow up on maid arrival status. - Eleene Norman
Smooth FDW process. - Aliza Ahmad



Satisfied. Since last maid for 2 years. - Mohd Amin Ahmad
Fantastic. Great service and very professional. - Noorhidayah Md Taib
Really splendid service provided by Kak Ida. This is our 2nd time having a helper but SMR delivered their exemplary service to us. Will definitely recommend SMR to anyone who requires a domestic helper. - Mohd Shafiq Saniff
I am pleased with the service and help rendered by Mahni Binte Masood. She is very efficient and accommodating. Always within reach whenever I'm in doubt, my queries are very fast explained to the best details. Thank you and keep it up 🙂 - Mohamad Hairul Zulkifli
So far everything is ok. Very informative. - Ahmad Abdullah
Excellent service. Explain everything in detail. - Suriandee Sadly So far this is 4th helper and all complete 2 years contract. - Fazliyaton Mahmud
Great experience. Maid process was fast and great - Fatin Filzah Zainal Abidin
Service was prompt and detailed. - Kamillia Selamat