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SASHA MANAGEMENT RESOURCES PTE LTD was founded back in 1998 from a small office on the 2nd floor at Golden Landmark.

It started with one person handling everything from inquiries to the handover with the clients.

The maid business boomed within a few months and our founder had to engage another employee to work with her.  With business growing very fast, our founder also had to pull in her spouse to assist in handling matters with their Indonesian counterparts.  His main role was to scout, set up training and recruit foreign domestic workers from big training centers in Indonesia.

The company’s winning strategy to provide families with flexible monthly installment plans FDW placement fee payments and giving free change of replacements for clients, had launched them into even more success.

By now, the business had grown out of the small office and had to shift to a bigger office on the 3rd floor. Due to the growing demand of clients, another branch was established on the other end of Singapore.

Then, again, in 2001, SASHA MANAGEMENT RESOURCES PTE LTD had grown and needed to expand into an even a bigger office along Changi Road. Twelve customer service consultants were employed between the two offices. 

In appreciation of the great work the team had been doing, in 2006, they were rewarded with an all expense trip to Malaysia for a motivational and bonding company trip. From then on company trips became a yearly affair and destinations have included Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand with partners invited too!  Lucky draws of presents, tokens and spending money were also given out during the trips. Long service award dinners and gifts were also presented with every 5 years services with the company.  In addition, staff with 3-year service had their Umrah fully paid for.  To top it all, monthly incentives are given to staff for their overall performance of sales.

Till date, we have survived for the past 21 years.  Thousands of foreign domestic workers have been brought into Singapore to serve families that had come to us for our expertise in this industry.

Our mission is to continue to strive in the business for more years to come with a long term client relationship with our motto; “CUSTOMERS ARE OUR ASSET”.


SASHA MANAGEMENT RESOURCES PTE LTD (SMR MAID AGENCY) is one of the most established and experienced maid agency in Singapore. We provide trained foreign domestic workers (FDWs)and reliable domestic household services to meet every family needs.

At SMR MAID AGENCY, we believe that hiring a domestic household is not simply a one-size-fits-all process. In ensuring the highest standards of quality are met, we personally interview all our maids in order to better assess their strengths, talent and abilities. With this, it allows us to recommend a maid that best suits your unique individual needs.  

This is why when you use SMR MAID AGENCY’s services, you can be sure that you will receive the best from the leading maid agency in Singapore.

SMR MAID AGENCY operates East and West Singapore at Changi Rd and Jurong. 


With many years of experience under our belt almost 23 years since 1997, we have brought thousands of foreign domestic workers to serve the local community. We boast a low transfer rate as we place much emphasis on counselling and helping both employers and their helpers work towards a long term working relationship. 


To be a Leading customer oriented employment agency with the wellbeing of the employers and foreign domestic workers in mind.


To provide quality and reliable domestic household services to meet the needs of every family.


 Kami adalah salah satu agensi pembantu rumah yang paling mapan dan berpengalaman di Singapura. Kami menyediakan perkhidmatan berkualiti tinggi yang terbaik disebabkan cara yang komprehensif kami menjalankan perniagaan kami.  

 Di SMR MAID AGENCY, kami percaya bahawa pengambilan pembantu rumah tidak sama untuk setiap rumah dan keluarga. Untuk memastikan standard kualiti tertinggi dipenuhi, kami secara peribadi menemuramah semua pembantu rumah kami untuk menilai kekuatan dan kebolehan mereka dengan lebih baik. Dengan cara begini ia membolehkan kami memadankan dengan terbaik pembantu dan keperluan individu anda.  

 Inilah sebabnya mengapa apabila anda menggunakan perkhidmatan SMR MAID AGENCY, anda pasti yakin bahawa anda akan mendapat yang terbaik dari agensi pembantu rumah terkemuka dan terbaik di Singapura.

SMR MAID AGENCY beroperasi di sekitar Changi Rd dan Jurong. Ini membantu kami melayani pelanggan kami dalam memenuhi keperluan mereka dengan kecekapan dan keberkesanan maksimum.


 Dengan pengalaman selama 23 tahun, kami telah membawa masuk ribuan pekerja rumah tangga asing untuk bekerjasama dengan masyarakat setempat. Kami mempunyai kadar pertukaran pembantu yang rendah kerana kami memberi banyak penekanan pada kaunseling dan membantu kedua-dua majikan dan pembantu mereka berusaha untuk menjalin hubungan kerja jangka panjang.


Menjadi agensi pekerjaan berorientasikan pelanggan utama dengan mempertimbangkan kesejahteraan majikan dan pekerja rumah tangga asing. 


Untuk menyediakan perkhidmatan rumah tangga yang berkualiti dan boleh dipercayai untuk memenuhi keperluan setiap keluarga di Singapura.


We believe in providing the best service to people.
Let the testimony be our voice!